Shelby Albertz

Simply put, I LOVE capturing weddings, love and your stories. Whether we're capturing details of the city I love in Cincinnati or traveling beyond to capture your destination wedding or elopement, the privilege I have of building lifelong memories through images for you is not lost on me.

Based in Cincinnati, I'm married to the most amazing man who shows me more of Jesus everyday and also puts up with my desire to own all things furry and adorable. I'm still working on him for my childhood dream of having a horse...some day friends, some day. I absolutely love traveling and really my girl Cristina's life motto says it all: "Live modestly, Travel fabulously." So, let's adventure together!

Odessa James Photography began in its infancy when I began shooting with local photographer Eliot Gomez. I got a call out of the blue when his wife delivered twins earlier than expected and before I knew it, photography turned from a personal hobby to a medium used to capture people's most dear memories. I was instantly taken with the beauty of jumping into a couple's life, seeing their family, influence, relationships and love unfold before a camera in one perfect day. And in 2015, Odessa James was officially launched. 

It's a pleasure to meet you in words, but I would love to hear your story and meet you in person, so let's connect!



DJ Services

Need someone to coordinate music for your day? Let Shelby handle the camera while her husband covers the dance floor. 
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