I'm Shelby, a full-time wedding and elopement photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio but always hopping on a plane to explore the next country on my list! My husband would probably introduce me as your sunshine-filled photographer with the heart of a 5 year old who only wants to eat mac and cheese, but we'll get to more about him later.

Marriage and Mac & Cheese

Why, hello there!


My faves

Morning cuddles with my furballs, Cleo & Indy 

My big red comfy editing couch 

Being so organized that
I can afford to be spontaneous

Hats for photoshoots...not so much for real life

Reese's, Star Wars, hot chocolate and mountain hikes 


CRAFTING your timeline. Instead of your day "flying by," we'll sit down and work out a custom timeline that builds in structure and ease.

At odessa james we love

CONNECTING. I want your photos to authentically reflect YOU! Thus, step one is sitting down and really getting to know one another. 

COLLABORATION. I want you to have the dream team for your day. Need a florist? Hair and makeup? A DJ? I've got the hook up!

CARING for you every step of the way. Think of me as your wedding guide. I'll connect the dots, help out and serve you however I can!

CANDIDS. Tears, laughs, the heart racing before the aisle. Helping you to be fully present is my number one goal. Soak it all in, my friend!

CREATION. For me, there is simply nothing more breath-taking than sweeping vistas and epic views of God's creation. Heading on a trip soon? Simply coordinate the travel with me and we'll capture your adventure!

The name Odessa James is derived from our middle names!
Shelby Odessa & David James
Both names are handed down from past generations and just like our marriage, the name Odessa James speak to the idea of two becoming one. It's a testament to past marriages that built a strong foundation and ultimately brought David and me together. We love the story of two becoming one and frankly we just love each other. Which is why...SURPRISE...David and I also love to work together!


If you’re looking for a dream team to make your day seamless and stress-free, we’re here for ya! David is a full-time DJ working corporate events and weddings all across America, so when I say he's a pro...I mean it!

Fun fact


capturing adventure wherever

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you are.