Meet Megan.
When she was only 17, Megan left home and headed to London. Independent and tackling the big city, little did she know that this one move would lead to even bigger moves.

Meet Andrew.
Traveling overseas for work, Andrew found himself in the heart of London for a 3.5 year work expat. Before long, boy met girl and the rest is history.

May 2015 – Boy Meets Girl
Christmas Eve 2016 – The Ring
February 2017 – English Wedding, allowing Megan to finally move with Andrew to Seattle
Fall 2017 – Suprise!!! Babies are on the way!
May 2018 – BIG Surprise, TWINS!
July 2018 – American Wedding + Baby Introductions

Needless to say, it’s been a wild ride for these two. Hearing their vow renewal after their first year of marriage, a big move, a pregnancy, and twins was nothing short of tear-jerking as the light-hearted promises to one another were accompanied by a much deeper understanding of what it truly takes to make marriage work. 

It was a joy capturing your day, laughing with you, celebrating with you and getting a bit drenched capturing epic post-wedding pool dives. Thanks for taking me along for a small piece of your epic ride.

Irish Backyard Wedding