My husband and I have been going to the same amazing church, Missio Dei, for our whole lives together and upon buying our first home and moving we found ourselves floundering to join a different small group. As much as I don’t show it, new groups of people totally give me all the heebie-jeebies, nerves to fit in, feel connected and pressure to have a presence.

Brooke and Keagan joined our new Missio Dei small group right around the same time as us and their relaxed, open-hearted, honest and vulnerable hearts helped me feel God’s presence and comfort so so much in a space where I felt so uneasy. Their prayers for family, friends and those they’re close with are such a testament to their hearts to serve others – to the point of even making it their profession…helloooooo med school!

Absolutely love that I got to deepen our friendship and share some downtown fun with these two. Enjoy just PART ONE of their 2 hour session!

Downtown Cincinnati Engagement