This session was crazy. There’s no other word for it really, but crazy is just what we needed apparently to get this gorgeousness. Just 20 minutes after I met up with Abby and Brett at Bear Lake in Estes Park, hail and storm clouds rolled in to literally run us back to our cars laughing and digging for car keys to avoid the monsoon beginning to drench us. We decided to cut our losses and head to our next epic spot to make the most of our time – Forest Canyon Overlook.

Let me tell you, I’m great at planning sessions from far away in epic places, but apparently I need to look at topography maps as well. It didn’t take long to realize we were driving straight up a 12,000 ft mountain peak. And when we popped out of our cars into 45 degree weather, in our shorts and summery dresses, we were in for a bit of a shock. But Brett and Abby rocked it the ENTIRE time and rolled with our constant location shifting due to mountain storms and chilly temperatures. Talk about a real adventure session, this was it!

Estes Park Overlook Engagement