Some couples want full on classic with romantic poses and sweet moments. And then there are the couples I get to work with. One trait that most of my couples resonate with is the desire to embrace the moment, to soak it all in, enjoy the laughs along the way and tackle life’s adventures hand in hand. Well, Jordan and Lisa took that to the next level with their anniversary session. Renting some Polaris Razors and tearing up sand dunes seemed to be just the right way to do it!

Lisa and Jordan floored it up towering sand dunes for over an hour and then proceeded to change into their epic wedding attire for some barefoot adventures along the dunes just as the sun set. Growing up nearby in Michigan, Lisa had always seen the dunes off in the distance, but she had never quite experienced them at 50 mph driving straight down their steep peaks. Needless to say, it was a blast and I was not mad about having my own Razor to tag along with.

Curious about booking an adventure session? Let’s connect! Our top photography package involves an epic excursion like this one! Kayaks, dune buggies, horseback rides or helicopters…take your pick and I’ll pull it all together for one heck of a photoshoot!

Silver Lakes Sand Dunes Adventure Session

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