You’ve heard it before, “Your day will FLY BY!”

That might, sincerely, be my least favorite remark when it comes to your wedding day. That’s the last thing I wanted when I was planning my wedding. I wished for that magical day to go on forever! I craved more time to sit and chat with those I rarely see. I desired more songs on that dance floor! I hoped that I’d be fully present and soak it all in so that my memories of it would be crystal clear for years to come.

If you’re busy getting bombarded with questions on your day – asked about the “when’s” and the “where’s” – how are you supposed to be in the moment?!? That’s why crafting a dream team of vendors that can work together seamlessly is priceless. If your team has collaborated before and can anticipate each other’s needs and timelines then you’re left to simply enjoy the present. So, here’s my dream team. My ride or die. My favorites who can get you from that first stroke of makeup to that sparkler send off flawlessly!

My Vendor Friends

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