In case you missed it, we’re in another wave of sky-rocketing gas prices. With lots of jokes comparing this to our 2020 toilet paper shortage, it only seemed right to hit the brakes and commemorate the good old times when gas was a mere 31 cents back in 1959 when Hank’s Trading Post first opened on U.S. highway 89. Temporarily closed for the season, Hank’s Trading Post is renown as a family-owned pitstop on the way from Phoenix up to Flagstaff. Decorated with Navajo murals and wide open desert plains on all sides, it’s a magical time turner back to the 50s.

When I first drove past the vintage gas station, my heart skipped a beat and I knew I had to make a stop back here with a couple to relive the wild west charm that it exuded. Lauren & Tyler were immediately game for it and what resulted was a crossroads of boho glam and oldtime grit. Loved adding some grain and roughness to these pics as well to pull in that throwback vibe. I am 100% HERE for it! Cheers to mixing it up and enjoying some adventures along the way! New rule: don’t be afraid to pullover and make a pitstop along the way.

Models: Lauren & Tyler McCauley
@laurenashlym and @tyzmc
Beauty: @beautybyhaleygarber
Dress: @thewanderingdresses

Gas Stations: the New Wild West

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