Ever get the question from your photographer, “Where would you like to do your engagement photos?” While I typically encourage couples to explore locations that are meaningful to their relationship, reflect their personality or simply showcase their favorite aesthetic, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up from the usual. Take a peek at my favorite reasons to consider this alternative and then check out the pics to prove it.

  1. No Weather Issues.
    Freezing winters or rainy springtime? Sometimes working around weather is a struggle, especially for the couple who have tight schedules with limited availability. Shooting in a studio ensures that you stay dry and warm.

  2. More Outfits!
    If you’re exploring a park or outdoor location, an outfit change is sacred time getting taken from your photo session. But if your outfits are 5 feet away and a bathroom down the hall, a quick 5 minute outfit swap is so doable! Rock 2-3 outfits and don’t be afraid to fix your hair in between or switch it up.

  3. Cut Out Distractions.
    Simply focus on your partner. Cutting out extraneous elements or trendy locations leaves our attention solely on you two in each and every photo. Clean, minimalistic and people-centric. Also, for the PDA-conscious couple, this is the perfect setup with no bystanders or onlookers. It’s just you, me and my camera.

  4. Timeless Style.
    Enjoy the ability to curate backdrop colors that fit your vibe. Craving some gorgeous prints or wall-hangings for your living room or bedroom? Choose a studio that reflects how you decorate your home so that your printed images will seamlessly fit into your home decor and style.

  5. Add in Anything!
    Want to enjoy drinks while we shoot? Enjoy playing board games together? Love snuggling up on a couch? Just because we aren’t geographically that speaks to your relationship, it doesn’t mean we can’t tie in elements that make the shoot feel more you! So many hours of our relationships are spent in our homes, so why not pick a studio that reflects those homey moments you love.

Get in touch to find a studio that best reflects you! Studio fees range from an additional $50-$100 for your session depending on the location. But for now, just get excited and check out Bella & Caden’s session at the Sample Space in downtown Cincinnati.

5 Reasons for a Studio Session

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