Where to begin!?! When I arrived at Tricia’s cabin the morning of her wedding, I was met by her mom answering the door. After an inquisitive glance, I quickly exclaim, “Hi! I’m Shelby, I know…random stranger approaching your cabin in the woods, but I swear I’m the photographer!” She just laughed and remarked, “You and Tricia are going to totally hit it off today.” And right she was.

I really strive to connect with the couples I work with so they can simply relax, enjoy and be themselves without worrying about the random camera aimed there way. But these two weren’t about to let anything hold them back from soaking in the moments. After dozens of weekend camping trips with their dogs, they simply knew that their wedding had to happen at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. And when they decided to team up with me for an evening of hiking through the gorge to their favorite spots the day after their wedding, I was ecstatic!

Cheers to Tricia and Zack! A couple that I’m thrilled to watch adventure through life together, because (as you can see) they’re going to fill it with a lot of laughs and a lot of long walks through the forest, soaking up the fresh air and tackling life head on.

Adventurous Red River Gorge Wedding