Amanda and Alex arrived to their engagement session Saturday morning with a jam-packed weekend on their plates. I feel like life hits you in waves with where everything is happening at once and it’s both exciting but oftentimes stressful and a little overwhelming.

Wedding days can be like that too. There’s so much going on and you want to take it all in, but it seems to just fly by! I always tell my couples that my key goal (aside from gorgeous photos) is to slow it down for them. I want their photo time to be the “quiet” in their day. The peaceful moments where they get to soak it in and reflect on the amazing love they share and the relationships surrounding them. My goal is to create a stress-free, safe space to just be yourself, relax and honestly just have some fun! Amanda and Alex were ALL IN for it and I’m so glad they were! Their adorable engagement session in Covington made for the perfect backdrop and I seriously can’t wait for their wedding!

Lots of love to these two as they conquer a season that’s busy with LOTS of exciting new life stages! I hope that you both can run with it, revel in the chaos and also soak it in and remember the wonderful moments along the way.

Colorful & Quaint Covington Engagement