Some people LOVE getting pictures taken, some people do not. I totally get it! Grade school picture day may have scarred more of us than we care to admit. So it made me die laughing inside when Kohl pronounced his stance on pictures as a present but un-excited participant. It took maybe 5 minutes of warming up before he was twirling Sara around, making her laugh and totally committing to the fun and slightly embarrassing photo poses I made them go through just to break the ice.

We meandered through the cultural gardens up in Cleveland and ended at the Cleveland Museum of Art, a seriously stunning jaw-dropping background to explore! When I turned to them and asked if they’d be up for doing some lake shots to wrap it up and chase the sunset, Kohl was first to speak up with a confident YES. There’s something special that happens during engagement sessions where you get to spend a whole evening with the love of your life feeling oh so fancy as you dress up for it, getting a little flirtatious, exploring new areas and remembering what it is that brought you into such a deep relationship with this person. So grateful that I got to spend the perfect night with these two, laughing, popping bottles of champagne and watching the sun sink into the horizon together.

Cheers to just 11 more weeks until their wedding!

Stately Cleveland Museum of Art Engagement