Sometimes you just need to look in your own backyard to find a place to escape. For Cincinnati, Krohn Conservatory feels like it takes you to another world. It’s dusty, desert room filled with succulents transitions somehow seamlessly into a room flooded with Ecuadorian butterflies. Head into the grand foyer and you feel like you stepped into a rainforest where you hear a waterfall rushing in the background and see fish in their hidden river shifting in and out underneath the leaves.

For a couple passionate about travel, exploring the world and walking barefoot besides elephants (cue their epic honeymoon), Celia and Jahin had my heart when they chose to get married at the conservatory. These two are such kind souls that care deeply for each other and their family and friends around them and I was so honored to capture that! But don’t mistake kindness for meekness, these two threw one hell of a party and had my laughing every step of the way! I’ve never had so much fun with a bridal party as we raced the cloudy weather and adventured through Eden Park.

Enjoy a sneak peak at their amazing June wedding!

Luscious Krohn Conservatory Wedding