It was quite a convenient surprise when Tyler “won” a behind the scenes tour of The Great American Ballpark through a work raffle. Or at least, that’s what his story was. Tyler and Kaitlyn have adored many a Reds baseball game over the years and it’s grown to be an essential part of their dating story. The day of their tour Kaitlyn was determined to have a cozy, relaxing day at home instead of venturing outside for their planned date night. Tyler insisted that they not miss out on his giveaway win and by the end of the night, I’m sure Kaitlyn was very glad he did!

Honey Designs Jewelry is the absolute creme de la creme at both designing rings and planning the best way to deliver it. Planned proposals are a delightful part of the experience when you craft your custom engagement ring with Chelsea from Honey Designs. Chelsea worked alongside Tyler to make his proposal plan come together without a hitch. His vision for a dugout proposal was pulled off flawlessly by their family and friends by his side to help. Lucky for me, I received a front row seat as the “tour photographer” to capture it all.

Red’s Great American Ballpark Proposal

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