Oh to get married during Covid. Annie and Tom spent a good portion of their wedding prepping, revising and restarting their plans to calibrate to the fluctuating venue requirements that the pandemic brought. During a pocket of reprieve, Annie’s sweet extended family kindly offered their backyard for the wedding day. A homemade ceremony backdrop was assembled along the driveway and a stunning clear-top tent was popped up in the backyard and we were instantly transported to a lush outdoor garden wedding.

The love for this genuine and kind couple was so evident as family and friends spent the morning assembling all the details to help craft a slice of their dream day. Tears seemed to flow throughout the whole day as Annie walked herself down the aisle carrying memoriams of her parents and brother in hand, as Tom expressed his heartfelt thanks to those present, as toasts were given that expressed the genuine love for Annie and Tom that everyone present felt. Covid weddings may be an unwelcome upheaval, but they are such a beautiful testament to the love that surrounds each couple and I’m honored to help capture it.

Lavender Backyard Tent Wedding

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